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Some of the CDs that I have enjoyed recently.(Latest additons added 20-May-2006

BJ was bom in West Kilbride, Ayrshire Scotland and he started performing at the tender age of 7 when he appeared on stage singing for a local charily. He enjoyed the experience so much he has never stopped singing and went on to learn to play the guitar at 14, progressing to mandolin and banjo.

After a successful career as a folk musician, and writing and singing his own material he soon discovered his true passion for Country Music which has now become his main musical interest

Having been involved in the country music scene for over 10 years in various formats, he toured Scotland extensiveh as a duo, when he uas lead vocalist also as a solo artist Some may recall ht$ appearances at festivals in Scotland as BJ and The Bears. He then started lo travel more extensively which took him to Wales were he met his wife Pauline. RI has now sei up home with Pauline m Bangor North Wales.

BJ already has 2 albums released - Bear and Bones was released in 2002 which contains 12 cover tracks. The following year he released Saturdays and Holiday This album again contained 12 tracks bin this time he introduced 4 of his own original songs

The latest release from BJ Locklin contains 10 superb self penned tracks - Diggin Up The Past - It's Back On The Road - Again - Cold Comfort - Dark Brown Eyes - Tight Blue Jeans - Saturdays and Holiday - Lord I Need A Rest - Your Mine - Broken Hearted Again - Hogtied - Hold Back The Tide.

The Thomas Fraser story is a remarkable piece of Scottish music history. From 1953 - 1977 he recorded thousands of songs at his home, in Burra Isle Shetland,on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
" Thomas’ musical idol was without doubt the ‘singing brakeman’, Jimmie Rodgers. At an early age, Thomas constantly practised Rodgers’ style, perfecting the yodeling and guitar playing to such an extent that the similarity would, at times, become uncanny".
25 years later we get to hear 25 tracks of these lost recordings on CD. A fascinating collection of recordings featuring Thomas's clear strong voice and guitar picking featuring songs of Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, and other early country songs.
November 2003- one year after the release of Long Gone Lonesome Blue we get the second collection - You and My Old Guitar - 25 more tracks rescued from Thomas's original reel to reel recordings including Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas) (Rodgers, J)You & My Old Guitar (Elsie McWilliams Jimmie Rodgers) Carolina Moon (Davis, B & Burke, J) Cowhand's Last Ride (Rodgers)  The Letter Edged in Black (trad:)Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride (Cliff Carlisle) Lonesome Town (Knight) Unwanted Sign on my Heart (Clarence E Hank Snow)Yodelling Cowboy (Jimmie Rodgers-Elsie Abilene (Brown Gibson - Loudermilk)Careless Hands (B Hilliard A Sigman) and Lovesick Blues.
Another woderful unique listen to Thomas sitting in his own home singing and playing the music he loved for his own pleasure never dreaming 25 years on the world will be playing his recordings.
To find out more about this remarkable story visit www.thomasfraser.com
Duncan Ferguson was born in Glen Morriston, a crofting community, set in a secluded glen in the Scottish Highlands. Some years later he moved to Inverness where he often used to sneak in the back doors of local pubs to listen to the local folk groups, and rock ban. Over the years he has written many songs , and wanted to record and desperately wanted to be involved in the production of his own music.
Now we have Duncan's third album  Monday Morning Blues with 14 original tracks.On this Cd we get 14 tracks covering a wide range of music styles and subjects from the familar Monday Morning Blues going to work then the more country tracks - Louisiana Sunrise takes you on a drive from Florida, up to New Orleans through the bayous and the swamplands of the Mississippi with early morning sunrise, sunny days, blue skies, the open road, beautiful sunsets. Unconditional Love is a catchy song, about one partner taking advantage of the other, saying; "You always put conditions on my love. You should love me unconditionally". Hawaiian Nights Aloha has the writer enjoying sun, sand, and surf with his love in Hawaii while it is a wet winter in London. My Way Home  I can relate to - when we are young we never imagine growing older - suddenly we wonder where all the years have gone and the thought comes to us."What will they do when we're gone?" We also get some Scottish folklore in Island Of Wolves. A well produced record with well written songs.

Since I first heard them on CMR radio a few years ago I have been a fan of this Southampton based family band the Okeh Wranglers. Their music is of the rockabilly styles of 1950's masters such as Carl Perkins, acoustic rhythm guitar and bass, add to this country fiddle, accordion, steel guitar and a second lead guitar, and you get an exciting brand of rootsy country/rockabilly honky tonk inspired music You have dad (Pete) on guitar, Mum (Sheila) on upright,daughters Louise on accordian and vocals, Irene on steel, Christine on vocals and multiple instruments, and son (Pete jr.) on drums. A real family band. Their live set is a mix of material ranging from Hank Williams to Peggy Lee - along with plenty of solid original material too

In 1995 the Okeh Wranglers recorded their first album - a 10 track vinyl LP called Hop, Skip Right Over That Stump - released on Fury Records. In 1996 they released the CD Beneath The Western Skies and EP Juke Box Hop - both also on Fury Records. They released Honky Tonk Crazy on their own Blue Smoke label in September 1997, followed in 1998 by Lonesome Vistas, also released on Blue Smoke Records.

Now I have received a new Cd Tearing up The Old Dancehall - 12 tracks, 10 Kyme originals, mostly recorded around 1997, 1998 but I cannot see any released on their earlier albums. A mix of styles opening with an instrumental track Song Of The Painted Desert showing the bands playing talent then we get in the vocals with Christine and Louise's nice harmonies on the Torn Between Love and Hate then Dad takes over on Aint Gonna Be no Plaything Anymore and Christine again on lead guitar. If you enjoy Wayne Hancock or BR549 you'll love the Okeh Wranglers and they were playing this music long before Br549 hit UK. Too Cool takes the mood way down in a nice blues/jazz number with Peter playing some nice acoustic guitar then the tempo rises again for Let's Get Hot Tonight which really rocks along then we are really brought down with Pete closing on Blues On My Mind just Pete mournful voice and his guitar with double bass - a wonderful track. website

John Miller - One Excuse Too Many released on September 29th, is sure to be a hit. Once again we have 12 excellent John Miller honky tonk style originals. He starts off saying you have given 'One Excuse Too Many' - "so there a bus on the corner - take it as far as it goes." - then to the other man in her life Please Leave My Darling Alone'. Now having given up everything for his new love he is left 'All Alone' [my favourite of the CD] with no friends for support. Now all alone 'I Close My Eyes' tells the struggle to get through the day without thinking about how she has 'Another Sweetheart On Your Mind', but you can always get a pick up from the golden brown Water Of Life' - (some nice fiddle in this track).'A Real Ghost Town' is the odd one out telling of the New Lanark Cotton Mills regeneration as a tourist attraction. Then there is the final message 'Butt Out'!
A great CD with some excellent musicians: John himself on vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, Andy McDowall on bass, Malcolm McMaster on pedal steel, Willie Gamble on backing vocals, Francis MacDonald on drums, Ray Prior on fiddle, Phil Sakerski on banjo, David Scott on electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano, organ and vocals and Derek Star on percussion.
Once again a 'must' for your collection.
For further details about this CD, or anything else about John Miller and his music visit his website at www.johnmillermusic.com
Buy the album from Spit & Polish

"Luke" Guy Reed - No Hat British Country singer / songwriter, Luke Guy Reed born and brought up on the Isle of Wight, 10 of the 12 tracks are written by Luke ( 5 co-writes with Graham Walker).The voice has a lovely clear distinctive quality. As a songwriter his songs cover many of life situations, love, lost love, romance or Honky Tonk music. The album was produced by steel guitarist Dave Hayward who does on outstanding job. The musicianship is outstanding. I particualrly like the gentle Everybody's Different and the up tempo Banjo Picker. An excellent Cd and proof The UK can produce top country music. [web]

Keith Pearson Coup De Grass Keith is a prolific writer of world-class songs and one of Britain's best Bluegrass banjo players. Even as a solo performer Keith can hold an audience enthralled for an entire evening with his humour, voice, songs and virtuoso guitar playing. His UK band, Coup de Grass, is known for its superb harmonies and musicianship. Their music, which ranges from fast, dazzling banjo, guitar and harmonica solos to poignant ballads of exceptional beauty, is an exciting mixture of all that is great in Bluegrass and in Folk.
The sound is a mix of old-timey and bluegrass skillfuly played and sung. Five of the tracks are Keith Pearson originals . Coup de Grass prove again that the UK can produce to acts to equal or better the Americans. [web]

Evangeline - Beer Talkin' The long awaited CD from Scotland's exciting new band Evangeline, is released and it was worth the wait 14 original tracks showcasing the songwriting talent of the band.. all co-written by John Naismith with Willy Evans with input from other members on certain tracks. The musicians excel throughout the album especially Davie Holland on steel and John Permenter on fiddle. A good well produced country album, the vocals never drowned out by the musicians. I could not pick out any track as a favourite all are excellent. Evangeline rock on Fightin’ For My Eight Cents - you can feel the pain of lost love and solace sought in Drink and Cocaine - on Run With The Devil , Evangeline create the Celtic Cajun Country Stomp! Great fiddle, strong vocals and energetic track - Dirty Cheatin' Man is a traditonal cheating Western Swing number. As a bonus we get to hear Willie Evans sing his tribute to Harlan Howard - 03/03/02. If you want to hear British country music at it's best buy this album. www.evangeline.org.uk