Paul Delicato began his musical career in his native St. Louis/Missouri during his early teens, his first interests being in Rhythm & Blues. His reputation as a bass player spread quickly and he was soon playing ‘gigs’ with Ike & Tina Turner, Little Milton, Chuck Berry, Albert King, Fontella Bass and other Blues artists based in the St. Louis area. At the age of twenty he began singing, and added guitar to his instrumental repertoire.

It was about this time that he began to listen seriously to Country Music, though he had developed a love for the style some years earlier. He felt then as he does now, that Blues and Country are closely related, and the influence of R&B is quite evident in his Country style. Several years later Paul switched back to the bass guitar and began playing and singing for Jazz great Mary Kaye of the famed Mary Kaye Trio.

By 1980 Paul began putting his own shows together, and thanks to a recording contract, 5 albums and several chart records, he toured the USA and many parts of the world, including several tours of South America. During this period of his musical development, Paul sang Romantic and Pop songs, including his hits, but his shows were always graced with at least a touch of Country Music.

In 1992 Paul was asked to join COUNTRY TONITE at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas/Nevada, where he performed as host, musician and featured performer for 5½ years. He also served as Director of the award winning show from 1994, and performed in and directed the Branson/ Missouri company during it’s first year of production.

After the Aladdin Hotel closed in 1997, Paul wrote and directed COUNTRY GENERATION, an exciting and upbeat Country production show for the Westward Ho Hotel and Casino on the famous Las Vegas strip.

In 1998 Paul took a break from theatres and toured the United States and Canada as bass player and featured vocalist with the legendary Bill Haley’s Comets. The end of the Comets tour coincided with an invitation to rejoin Country Tonite in Pigeon Forge/Tennessee, where again Paul hosted and performed for 2 seasons. After one more tour with the Comets, he returned to Tennessee, where he was asked to join the Black Bear Jamboree in Pigeon Forge, where he performs to date.

In 2002 Paul signed with ZYX Records in Merenburg/Germany. His CD, entitled ‘So Many Ways’, will be released sometime in early 2003, and a European Tour is now in the planning stages.

Paul also is a proficient songwriter, having written more than half of the songs on his CD, and some of his earlier hit records such as Ice Cream Sodas And Lollipops And A Red Hot Spinning Top and Cara Mia can still be heard on radio stations across the country.

January 10-20 - UK
January . 22, 23 - Hamburg, Germany
January 24 -February 3 Germany & Holland
 Music Mp3 samples of Paul's songs.
Nowhere Bound
Lone Star Memory
Ready To Be Your Man
A Place For Dreamers
For Old Time's Sake
Ninety To Nothing
( all © Paul Delicato)
E-mail: [email protected] - Telephone: 865-774 7468 : 865-607 1253
Management/TCB Enterprises - 417 334 4979 FAX: 417 239 0421
P.O. Box 1062 - Branson, MO 65615 -
ZYX Music Artist -

Born and raised - St. Louis/Missouri
Height - 6’2”
Eyes - Hazel
Hair - Brown
Musical Styles: Country, R&B, Oldies, Pop, Commercial

Instruments: Guitar, Bass

Lounge Credits: Aladdin, Westward Ho, Hacienda, Flamingo
Las Vegas, Nevada Hilton, Silverbird, Silver City, Holiday International, Union Plaza, Sam’s Town, Frontier

Showroom Credits: COUNTRY TONITE, Aladdin Hotel/Sahara Hotel, Rocky Sennes’ WILD WORLD OF BURLESQUE, Holiday Casino, COUNTRY GENERATION, Westward Ho Hotel and Casino

Branson, Missouri COUNTRY TONITE, Country Tonite Theatre

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee COUNTRY TONITE, Country Tonite Theatre
BLACK BEAR JAMBOREE, Black Bear Jamboree Theatre

International Credits Colombia, Venezuala, Uruguay and other parts of South America, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines and other parts of the Far East, England and Scotland.

Recording: 6 Albums recorded to date: Ice Cream Sodas and Lollipops and a Red Hot Spinning Top; Cara Mia, the Disco sound; AOA Records (London Records in Europe and Asia), Collection Of My Best; Off On An Island; Times Gone By; AV1 Records; So Many Ways; Ravenhill Records

Chart Records Five Billboard chart records to date: Ice Cream Sodas and Lollipos and a Red Hot Spinning Top - #7; Cara Mia - #5; Lean On me - #97 (Country); I’ll Be There - #46; Spirit of America - #35