Ken Richardson Published MK Music(c) 2003
Intro (Four Times)
I was (C) born south of the border
In a (Em) town in Mexico.
I watched the (F) gamblers and their ladies
And the (C) cowboys in the (G) know.
I watched the(C) farmers and the fighters
And the (Em) whores that they all used.
I watched the (F) cryin’ and the sufferin’
From the (C) child that was (G) abused.

And I’ve (Am) tried to be a (C) better man
But I can’t (Am) forget (F) where I came(C)from
In my past (Am) life there’s a (C) secret land Hard (Dm)times...That (G) I don’t understand (C)

Intro(Twice) C F C G

But when I met Juanita She pulled my heart away
We packed up and left for Texas Ain’t been back since that day
So we built ourselves a homestead As far as the eye could see
But sometimes in the evenings
These thoughts come back to me.

Repeat Chorus

And we lived our life in Austin And the past I let it go
Left the gamblers and their ladies
And the whores I used to know.
So I never did go back there Never felt the need I guess
Just to stir up old emotions Can’t serve no point I guess

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Hard (Dm) times...That (G) I don’t understand (C)
Intro(Four Times) C F C G
C F G G C Finish