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The Grey Man - Maureen Slater
The book is the most amazing, brilliant, frightening, imaginative one I have ever read... Please write more and more.

An unforgetable tale of horror. , December 16, 2005 A reader on Amazon
Archie Dyson gets into your head and stays there. A book with such amazing descriptions pulls you into the world Dyson inhabits. Every page sends shivers down the spine. I kept reading quicker and quicker to find out the next abomination. Just when you think things will be alright, WHAM, here we go again. Right to the very last line you really can't be sure what will happen. No one is safe from Dyson. Horror can take many forms and The Grey Man has to be one of the best I have read. It is so different from the norm, it will never cease to grip you. Having finished the book I was left feeling shattered and the 'face' of Archie Dyson imprinted on my memory. Mel Hauge's usual genre is the Western novel, perhaps he ought to write more horror! Recommended reading.

By Mel Hague

Mel Hague is one of the real pioneers of the British country music scene. He sings, he plays guitar, he writes songs and now he adopts the mantle of western novelist. It may seem strange that a Brit should write a cowboy yarn; strange but not unusual. One of the world's best-selling cowboy novelists, J T Edson was a Brit, from Leicester, I believe.

Although no expert myself on western novels, I think Mel is on to a winner with his hero Sheriff Jud Harris and I further think we are going to have quite a few more of his adventures. Hague beautifully captures the rugged environment and the savagery that must have been the 'old west' and with his tight plot keeps the reader riveted until the book is finished.


Linda Waslidge -

People rather than cattle are the target for rustlers featuring in this western. Slavery isn't normally touched on in such literary - or for that matter cinematic offerings of this kind and the Wild West in this first book by Doncaster author Mel Hague, comes over as a lot wilder than the usual bad-guy-bites-the-dust sagas.

His laid-back and brooding character, Jud Harris and posse of stalwarts, take on a hunt for a bandit gang, on the way exploring the horror, violence and stark tragedy of a trade in human misery. there's also a look at the resulting relationships in an alternative creation of a familiar scenario.

Sounds a bit heavy? Don't worry, there's also a certain amount of laconic humour thrown in for good measure.

If the author's name seems familiar, then that's probably because it's the same Mel Hague who has been known for his clubland and radio performances and recordings and the popular Country Rockin' columns in the Entertainer.

An often near-to-the-knuckle - as well as knuckle-biting read - the narrative develops at a cracking pace throughout the 151-page paperback now available from the author via email or his website.


Aubrey Collishaw from Lincolnshire
I'm writing to thank you so very much sending the two westerns to me. I am truthfully going to say what I think of them. The first one (TO HELL WITH THE BADGE), was a little slow starting but when it got going, YES! It was good. I really liked the second one (DEATH ON A ROPE)
and I think you've done great. I think it's brilliant that you are so talented. My sister Mary was so good to think of me and ask about your books, she is besotted with your singing. All power to your elbow. All the best - Aubrey.

K. Grimes of Edlington, Doncaster
Dear Mr. Hague: - I very much enjoyed the two books you have written, TO HELL WITH THE BADGE and DEATH ON A ROPE and I wonder if there is to be anymore. If so could you please send details of where I might purchase copies of and future books about Jud Harris.
Yours faithfully - K Grimes

John Gale - Newark, Nottingham
Having read Mel Hague's two novels, TO HELL WITH THE BADGE and DEATH ON A ROPE I can hardly wait to read his future westerns featuring Sheriff Jud Harris and his deputies. Mel has created a tough, believable bunch of law-enforcers. Tough enough to give and take whatever was necessary to get the job done, yet honest enough to demand the respect of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Well done, Mel, and keep 'em coming and keep 'em rough and tough. - John Gale

Jeff Whitworth, Worksop, Nottingham
Dear Mel: Just thought I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the two coyboy books you wrote. The stories were well written and thought out and once I started to read I found it hard to put down until I found how it ended.
Here's hoping you write another book in the near future which I shall look forward to reading.
Yours faithfully - Jeff Whitworth

Eddie Ramsdale, Forest Town, Mansfield, Nottingham
Hi Mel: After reading TOHELL WITH THE BADGE and DEATH ON A ROPE I am eagerly awaiting more of your novels about Jud Harris's further exploits which I found difficult to put down once started. I hope more are in the pipeline. Sincerely - Eddie Ramsdale

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