To Hell with The Badge
Sheriff Jud Harris sets out to find two kidnapped children and finds himself heading deep into Mexico on the trail of white slave traders and Mexican bandits.

He takes along his posse of four trusted men: the Summers boys, Bob and Luke, Bart Garrick and old timer, tracker and sharpshooter, Josiah Clemance.

He links up with another posse and a Texas Ranger all on the trail of the slaver, Stanley Cobb.

An action-packed story of bravery and brutality sprinkled with a dry humour.
Jack Slade of the Broken Barrel CMC: "I sat up all night reading this story - I couldn't put it down"
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Danny Strachan of Country Music & Dance magazine:
"TO HELL WITH THE BADGE has everything for the true western enthusiast, I was very impressed "
Death On A Rope
In this story, Sheriff Jud Harris is set on catching an elusive and deadly mass murderer. His trail takes him to the towns of Drakesburgh, Big Bend and finally to a homestead on the outskirts of High Lonesome where Harris almost meets his match against a cunning and unexpected adversary. While Harris is away from Twisted River, the feuding families, the Rileys and the Heneghans ride into town and begin a reign of terror. Harris, believing he has caught the killer, returns to take back his town. But, as if this wasn't enough, he also has to deal with a clear and daring raid on the Twisted River bank by a gang of four outlaws led in secret by a vicious but seemingly innocent newcomer to the town. Harris' four trusted men he has learned to have great faith in are again on hand: marksman and tracker Josiah Clemance, Bob and Luke Summers and the gentle giant, Bart Garrick. This is another action-packed story of bravery and lawlessness sprinkled with a dry sense of humour and a touch of romance.
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TWISTED RIVER takes Jud Harris back to the end of the American Civil War and his first appointment as Sheriff of Twisted River. He has to contend with the ongoing feud between the Heneghans and the Rileys and their terrorising of the townsfolk, as well as a gang of merciless men who are murdering folks in the outlying ranches.
In this novel we are taken back to roughly ten years before TO HELL WITH THE BADGE and DEATH ON A ROPE and Jud Harris meets up for the first time with Bart Garrick, Josiah Clemance and Frank Summers, father of Luke and Bob. With their help he sets out to tame Twisted River and its lawless elements in his own inimitable and often violent way.
"A western novel charged with a mixture of violence, tenderness and humour."
Another action-packed saga in the career of Sheriff Jud Harris of the town of Twisted River.
The Grey Man
Archie Dyson was hanged in 1927 for the grotesque murders of several young women. His antique shop was closed and boarded up for fifty years, as directed in the will of his brother, Jack. When a young couple, Janet and Eric Baker, buy the premises fifty years later and re-open the shop, the glass on an old sepia photograph of Archie Dyson with his mother and brother is broken and the blood that drips onto the photograph starts to restore Archie back to life. As he develops, he needs more blood and progressively bigger photographs. He gradually gains control of the minds of the young couple and anyone who visits them. The young wife spends all her time painting a mural, which covers an entire wall and every character in the painting has the face of Archie Dyson. His control over them is complete and they follow his instructions, however bizarre. Eventually he regains his human form and once again the bodies of young women are found in the neighbourhood with horrific injuries. He manages to implicate Eric Baker, who goes to prison for murder. The coast is now clear for the Grey Man to bully Janet into completing the mural so that he may achieve his ambition to become all-powerful and continue his new reign of maniacal and cannibalistic terror. Can the local police put aside their disbelief in "spooks" and bring down the rejuvenated murderer? Can Janet Baker survive the lust and barbaric depredation inflicted on her by the insatiable beast? Can Eric Baker convince the police that he was wrongly convicted and find the nerve to go back to the "shop of horrors" and take on the Grey Man? Have you got the bottle to read this stomach-churning novel right through to its nerve-shattering climax?
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