Railroad Stroll
Choreographed By: Charles & Lisa Bowring Music:
Everybody's Gotta Run Their Own Railroad, By John Permenter
Four Wall Line Dance

1-4 Walk right, left, right, hitch left
5-8 Walk left, right, left, hitch right
9-10 Step back right, hitch left
11-12 Step back left, hitch right
13-14 Step back right & scoot on right
15-16 Step down on left, stomp right
17 Swivel heels left
18 Swivel heels right making 1/4 turn left
19 Rock forward onto right foot
20 Rock back onto left foot
21 Step back on right making 1/2 turn clockwise
22-24 Walk left right left making one complete turn clockwise

"This dance is dedicated to the Silver Spur CWC in Linwood
for their wonderful hospitality when myself and Lisa came up with
John Permenter in October 96 ready for his Scot
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