Choreographed By: CD CAT
Music: Ain't No Heartache, By John Permenter
Note: 16 beat intro, play fiddle on intro
Section 1
1 -2 Right right foot to right
3-4 Jump both feet right, jump making 1/4 turn right
5-8 Swivel to left on heels, toes, heels, toes
Section 2
9-10 Syncopated jump forward right, left, clap
11 -12 Repeat steps 9-10
13-16 Right foot touch to right side X4 making 3/4 turn left
Section 3
17-18 Right toe forward, right heel down with click fingers
19 Pop left knee forward
20 Pop right knee forward, left heel down& Right heel down
21-22 Left toe forward, left heel down with click fingers
23 Pop right knee forward
24 Pop left knee forward, right heel down & left heel down
Section 4
25-26 Right heel, grind
27-28 Step back on right, rock forward on left
29-32 Repeat steps 25-28
Begin again & have fun!
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