Those of you who know me are aware that I have 'personalised' items for most of my adult life. This started about 30 years ago, when I was hand-painting the shirts and T-shirts for my mates at the football clubs, fishing clubs and eventually the country & western clubs.

Finally about 10 years ago, my wife Brigitte and I decided to start a small business hand painting shirts, jackets, backdrops etc. and to complement that we sold Country & Western gear. We travelled round the clubs and festivals all over Scotland and England and opened a small shop. We did this for about 4 years meeting a lot of nice people an making new friends. I think those years were probably the happiest times of our lives.

shop frontOver the years we also started personalising clocks, badges, bolos, badges, calendars and anything else we could print people's own name or club logos on! Eventually we gave up selling the Country & Western gear, but always kept on personalising stuff. For a long time I was still hand-painting everything, but then started doing things on the computer. Nowadays everything is done on the computer, giving it a much nicer finish!

We moved everything into a unit in the Forum Indoor Market in Irvine, and all started all well. When the rent went up again it was too expensive for me and I decided to move into the Indoor Market in Dalblair Road in Ayr. After only a couple of months there we were told that the building was up for sale and would be demolished! Talk about 'On the Road again!'.
Anyway, the Manager of the Forum Centre, High Street in Ayr came to see me, offered me one of the units and that's where we are now!
Things are picking up and hopefully we wont need to move again!
We would love to see you sometimes!
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Kind regards, Danny.
My famous visitors
John Permenter singer/fiddle player from Texas
Bill Lynn (Elvis's Drummer )