Rachael came to our attention recently on the Country Hot Disc with Mistake her debut single taken from this 6 track CD (it reached No 14 on 9th September).She is billed as an “English alt-country singer songwriter”. The recordings were done at Emerald Studios in Nashville produced by Mark Moffatt (Australian award winning producer), using musicians who are basically the Reba McIntyre Band (so faultless production and great musicianship assured then) and it is. The Nashville Rage magazine places Rachael between Shania Twain and Casey Chambers looking like Angelina Jolie and I can’t disagree with that. She writes a good song and can sing them well with strong vocals and great delivery. She is a great prospect and again I agree with Stuart Cameron (Country Hot Disc) when he calls her “The UK’s Next New Hope”. The 6 track Cd runs for 23 minutes nearly as long as some 10/12 track currently on sale. On this showing a full Cd on a major label should be the next step. Further details on the web www.rachaelwarwick.com NO MISTAKE, RACHAEL WARWICK is IMPRESSIVE
SONGS:- Ask me no questions-Thank you-Angel-Cowboy-Mistake-Highway 109.