June 2001
We are on the brink of the main holiday time, hard to believe how time goes in! I hope you all have a good holiday, just one thing please don't forget your own clubs during this time, they need you!
Talking about clubs, our club, The White Horse in Salcaots, organised a bus-run to the yellow Rose CWC Linwood. I must than everyone there for making us so welcome. We will have another bus run soon. This outing brought back a lot of nice memories, remember the days when bus runs to other clubs were the norm? Most clubs were off somewhere of other at least once a month. It helped everyone and new friends were made all the time. This habit seems to have died,, but would it not be nice to bring it back again? (any thoughts please email)

April 2001
Sadly a couple of more clubs are closing their doors because of lack of attendance. The Lazee L ,Linwood close April 29th and the El Paso CWDC Cumberauld has suffered poor attendance for a long time and finally has succumbed. The currnet Foot & Mouth outbreak has hits a few events already giving more problems to clubs.
Stewart Fenwick writes:
With clubs getting fewer and fewer, and those that are still running, being less frequent,. I wonder what readers would think about the bands publishing their dates in CMAD. There is an attitude among some performers that their money is safe, it's up to the venues to sell tickets, but we'll never develop a fan base that way. I realise that some clubs who have supported the magazine since it began, may be put out at the listing of a social club or pub 100yds down the road, possibly offering free or cheaper admission, but we really need to look at the wider and long term view. If only two regulars find out that a Country band are playing at a particular venue, they'll go along, and by talking to the regulars there may pull a few more into the established country club (any thoughts please email)

Feb 2001
We are already collecting a lot of dates for Festivals through the year. A lot of new ones are springing up everywhere, yet when we talk to club organisers nothing has changed and their clubs are still struggling badly. If we don;t watch we will only have festivals and all-day events, but no clubs. I don't think that is what we want, where would we go in between and during the winter months, so please , enjoy the festivals but always remember to support your clubs, bring along a friend and drag old friends back again. Such a lot of faces are missing these days, where are they now?.( any thoughts please email)
smileKeep It Country : Brigitte