11 songs, 9 co-written by Deborah on this CD continues her story. Her history is well documented, but I’ll refresh your memory a little with a few headlines: Sang backup with Roy Orbison Jim Stafford and Tennessee Ernie Ford; performed at Opryland; charted top ten with Jim Reeves duets in the late 80`s: charted as a solo performer with Capitol Records. Throughout her singing career she continued to write hit songs for herself and others and has songwriting credentials anyone would be proud of. “ Baby I Lied”, Under the Influence of Love”, “ I’m only in it for Love”, and “ I’ve Seen That Look Before”, to name just 4, were all hits and are included . The top session players are not named due to the variety of songs from various years but the list of co-writers include Rafe van Hoy, Kik Brooks, Michael Bourke, Harry Stinson, Chuck Jones, Kostas, Leigh Reynolds, Jim Stafford and Bobby Braddock who writes one song (“Born and Raised in Your Arms“) and co produces 10 tracks with Deborah. Great compilation, top class songs from a singer with a great voice and worth adding to your collection. Contact [email protected]
OTHER SONGS: I’m always ready for you-Am I good for one more memory-Make true love-All wrapped up-Is it love yet-Goodbye love.(P.S. this was originally released in 2000 )

Upon placing the CD in the PC the video track with band (Cindy’s Breakdown) starts the music on this 12 track British acoustic recording with traditional, bluegrass, and cajun. Who says we can’t record quality acoustic country in the UK? Let them listen to this CD and I’ll bet they change their mind. The trio are Paul Castle guitar banjo & bass, Will Sneyd fiddle & mandoli
n and Fliss Premru on fiddle and they share the vocal and vocal harmonies. There’s 3 additional musicians on the CD, Leigh Gordon on bass, Stuart Crosbie on drums and Claire Gilliam on triangle.
The songs cover a wide spectrum of old Americana from early traditional folk songs, through Hank Williams, Keith Whitley and even Tom Waits. The arrangements are all acoustic and the harmonies spot on. Full marks for a great debut album. Their 1st single “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” reached No5 on the Euro Charts in July showing the popularity of the band across Europe. Check out
OTHER TRACKS:-Old Joe Clark-In my time of dyin`-Looking for the stone-Joli Blon-Port Arthur blues-I saw the light-J`Etais au Bal(I went to the dance)-Orange Blossom special-Oblivion-Poncho’s lament.

Outstanding country hits from Curb over the last few years starts with LeAnn Rimes dynamic “Blue” and the tempo lifts with Tim McGraw’s dance hit “Indian Outlaw”. Jo Dee Messina`s “I’m Alright” from 1998 is up next, followed by Steve Holy`s ballad “Good Morning Beautiful” produced by LeAnn’s dad Wilbur. Hal Ketchum’s hit “Small Town Saturday Night” from 1991 leads us along to Sawyer Brown’s “Some Girls Do” while Wynonna sings solo on band 7 “No One Else On Earth” and later (on band 11) with her Mum, Naomi, as the Judd’s on the classic “Love Can Build A Bridge”. Lee Greenwood with "God Bless The USA” and Hank Williams Jr`s “America Will Survive” add a patriotic flavour and are divided by Jeff Carson’s sentimental ballad “The Car” on band 9. David Kersh closes the album with “If I Never Stop Loving You” giving 12 great tracks running for 44 minutes. Great to listen to and great to dance to, it is a fine collection and a great sampler of Country Hits on Curb. (P.S. This is also Vol.1so look out for more in the coming months).

Liz Rae and Chrissie Byrne are the popular duo Blue Orchid from Manchester, who have built up quite a following across the UK over the last few years with their live shows and other recordings. For their latest CD they had their backing tracks recorded in Nashville, using top session players and the vocals added in the UK, with Lorna Flowers producing at both places. This method of recording has been done before and on this occasion it works really well. The songs are a mix of new songs written by Lorna Flowers with co writers Sue Bennett, Sue James, Bob Welch, John Peppard and Liz Rae, while the covers are by Jamie O’Hara, Matraca Berg-Gary Harrison, Kevin Stokes, and Kathy Chiavola - Stephanie Brown. Kathy Chiavola, Bob Welsh, Lorna Flowers and John Peppard also guest on the recordings on their own songs. The girls shine on every song, lovely voices that blend well and this release will enhance their reputation and broaden their fan base. The CD could also show its colours at the awards this year deserving a nomination AT LEAST as British Country Album of the Year. It is available from the duo at their gigs or on the web at
SONGS:-Hey you with the hat on-Given time-Slow down for a while-You won’t-Face to face-I should be telling you-Crying game-Two hearts dancing as one- Eat at Joe’s-If it wasn’t for the rain-Leading me to you-The big picture.

Lane Brody hit No 1 in the 80`s with the duet with Johnny Lee on The Yellow Rose which she co-wrote and nearly won a Grammy with “Over You”. She has won loads of awards, appeared in numerous TV shows, and sang everything from jingles to Movie soundtracks. Then her world fell apart as she became “black balled” in the music industry particularly in Nashville. But she persevered, stayed on the road and kept fighting for her future. At the end of all that she made her new album aptly titled “Pieces of My Life”. There’s 14 tracks here, plus an extended version of one song plus a duet version of another, giving 16 in all, running for 59 minutes total. Lane writes 4 of the songs herself, “All the Unsung Heroes” “My Mind Wanders” “White Shadows” and “You are the One” and co-writes another “The Yellow Rose” and “Place Outside The World” She stamps her vocal attributes on the first song “Till You Found Me” ( Jim Weatherly-Donnie Kees) including blistering guitar work by Brent Mason. The musicians and are taken from the very top echelons of Nashville finest and they give their best on every track with a variety of producers. Above all this praise there’s the voice to consider and outstanding springs to mind. Guests include Lee Roy Parnell on Lead guitar on one song , Thom Bresh on acoustic on another, and Alison Krauss Johnny Lee and Collin Raye on separate duets. I love everything about this album, great singer, songs, arrangements, production, musicians, and if ever a singer deserved an accolade for a comeback CD ….. this is it! [email protected] is the contact for Lane Brody.

British Archive Of Country Music (BACM)Some country fans know Ferlin Husky from his million selling duet with Jean Shepard on “Dear John” (1953) or even with his 1957 hit “Gone”, or as Simon Crum with the hit “Country Music Is here To Stay” (1958) but most can point to his “Wings of a Dove” hit in 1960. However Ferlin also has a career as TERRY PRESTON which started around 1950 as Tex Terry and led to his contract with Four Star Records when he adopted the Terry Preston image. He took this name also with Capitol Records in the early 50`s but changed it for the duet with Jean Shepard (but with a different spelling).
This 24 track CD covers the years with Four Star and his first session with Capitol. His voice sounds exactly like it did in later years, only the backings are different, 50`s recordings using early session players, Jack Perkins’ Western Cavalcade and Smokey Rogers String band. He sings a great variety of songs, including 6 he wrote himself, Marty Robbins’s “I’ve got a woman’s love”, Smokey Rogers “Gone”( later to be re-recorded to give him the 1957 hit), “Watch the company you keep” a Tommy Collins novelty song and “Lose your Blues” ( he even yodels here). Pure nostalgia for those who like their songs from the 50`s. It runs for over an hour and costs £10.00 from the Archive Of British Country, on the web at or Tel No; 01304 205000 during the day.
OTHER SONGS:-Now & Then-I want you so-Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost-I love you-Counting my heartaches-Time-Flowers speak louder than words-Cotton Pickin’ Heart-Put me in your pocket-Jezebel-The letter you promised to write-Cross eyed girl from the Ozarks-Crying Heat Blues-Heart of stone-I wished a thousand times-Road to heaven-Say when-Echoes in my heart-Hard Hearted-Deadly weapon.

British Archive Of Country Music (BACM)Back in the 30`s and 40`s Bill Boyd’s Cowboy Rambler’s were among the elite of the swing bands. This CD covers choice recordings from 1934 to 1950, like the New Steel Guitar Rag (1937), Momma Don’t Allow no Music (1934), Tin Roof Blues (1938) and Hank Williams’ Why Don’t You Love me (1950) all recognisable and still played today .There’s a wealth of early swing, Texas Two Steps and waltzes here and one can easily hear Country in it’s infancy . 6 instrumental tracks and 15 vocal tracks run for nearly an hour. The vocalists include Bill, his brother Jim who also played guitars and bass., Curly Perrin and Art Davis who was also a fiddler in the band. Once again the BACM have come up with a nostalgic winner, and this is their 49th release. Full details of all their CDs are available from the Archive Of British Country Tel No; 01304 205000 during the day or
OTHER TRACKS:-I wish I knew the way you feel-Goofus- I can’t tame wild women- An ace-Homecoming
Waltz-Oh Monah-Palace in Dallas- That’s why I’m jealous of you-Rambler’s Rag-Wah Hoo-Windswept Desert Blues-Singing & swinging for me-Guess who’s in town-I’ve got the blues for Mammy-Lone Star-Fan it-Spanish fandango.

Big Al Dowling is well remembered for his Warner single hits of the late 70`s Mr Jones and Touch me but Warner missed the chance and didn’t release an album. But Al’s musical career is more than just country, he started with a family Gospel group, moved into early rock’n’roll playing piano on Wanda Jackson hit “Let’s have a Party”. He tried soul music scoring a duet hit with Little Esther Phillips. Then came the country career which also brought him the New Artist of the Year in 1979 from Billboard.
This CD has 14 tracks, all written by Al, 3 with co-writers. His first single “Joe’s Truck Stop” hit the Euro Charts top 30 at number 12 in August and he was on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on 22nd Aug. His voice still has a growl in it, and on this CD he still sings country, with a blues influence, sometimes a Memphis Sound and even a little soul. There’s a full array of styles and tempos across his musical spectrum and the songs are probably the strongest feature on a great album. With over 50 years singing, Big Al’s career gets a new lease of life Check out
SONGS:- Hometown America-A cigarette, a bottle and a Jukebox-Loves tragedy-Jesus it’s only me
Johnny-Talkin’ the talk-I’m too green to be blue-Boogie woogie roll-She’s a miracle to me-Goodbye my love-What a man will do-I’m raisin’ hell-I never got over you-Rock me baby.

This 11 track CD runs for 38 minutes, its 38 minutes of class ,well produced British country at it’s best. It’s the 3rd CD release for Pete Redfern and Allen Crookes who make up the duo, and they co-write and arrange all the songs. Pete does all the lead vocal, (great country voice) and plays acoustic and electric guitar and drums on some tracks. Allan plays bass, mandolin, keyboards and guitars on various tracks, sings all the backing vocals, engineers and produces the CD. (extra “brownie points” for excellent production). Guest musicians include Barry Gaskell on steel guitar on some tracks, Willy Entwhistle playing fiddle and harmonica, Len Whitehead on Electric guitar, and the late Bobby Arnold on the opening track which is also their latest single on the August Country Hot Disc. There's great variety on the CD with lovely ballad, great up tempo dance tunes, shuffle, cha-cha and even a Spanish Flavoured song all with lovely arrangements. I enjoyed the album as a whole but “Down Any Country Road” , “It Comes As No Surprise” “Recompense” and “The Punchline” are standout tracks for me. Its well produced and mixed and stands alongside any of the other great British CDs from this year. This is another that deserves to be among the award nominations and probably will be.Contact [email protected], . Copies of the album are available for sale from :-HONKYTONK JUKEBOX  Tel. 01933 271101 or CD CITY Tel. 01636 822525 or via the web at mailto:[email protected]
OTHER TRACKS:-Find my way back to you-Little blue bag-Holding back-Hold on to love-After all that, this-Fool in love-Madalaina

Lauren is a new name to me, more in the folk Americana idiom that I remember years ago than country as I know it today. This is her interpretation of 9 traditional pieces ( 2 instrumentals) and various songs from other early folk & country sources. The traditional pieces are “Trouble in mind” “Come on over to my House”, “House Carpenter” “Careless Love” “C.C.Rider” (gentle acoustic version),“Say Darling Say” “Shake that Thing” “Oil in my vessel” and “Little Maggie”. Other songs include Jimmy Driftwood’s “Rattlesnake Mountain” , Pete Seeger`s “Livin in the Country”, and Hazel Dickens’ “Won’t you come and sing for me?”. Some are performed with just guitar, some with added harmonica from Phil Wiggins, some with other instruments added like banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass & harmonium. It’s a lovely collection of old and nearly forgotten songs and deserves to do well. Most enjoyable to listen to and now its more easily available through Comstock Records than when it first came out. You can get more details from f[email protected]

This 5 piece Lancashire based country band get their act together with 6 self-penned songs and 6 covers with 50 minutes running time. The band members write 6 songs, with lead vocal-guitarist Jim Hulmes writing 4 , bass player Bernie Fullalove writes one and co-writes another with Ron Ronson who plays slide, steel, rhythm and lead guitars. The other band members are Mike Martin on percussion and lead guitarist Tony (TC) Carter. The additional musicians add fiddle, harmonica, banjo, and piano. The overall sound has a leaning towards the modern end of today’s country sound. The new songs from the band “Nothing Could’ve Prepared me for you” (their latest single on August Hot Disc) “New Western Union Blues” “ Backtrackin’” and “Quiet Storm” are the stand out tracks for me. These shows great variety and the bands ability to handle different styles with ease. Covers “Queen of Memphis”, “Loving You Makes Me A Better Man”, “Who Needs Pictures”, “Down at the Boondocks”, “The Bug” and “Drift off to Dream” are done exceptionally well and remain faithful to the original but with a fresh sound. A fine showcase for the band, who also produced the CD, which will enhance their reputation no-end. Its available from 01772-312409 Or
[email protected] )

Vancouver based Lynne first came to the notice of the European audiences via the Country Hot Disc in March 2001 when she has a single “Angel in Your Eyes” released here. It was the highest new entry on the chart and made No 3. Three more singles followed all doing well and her new single “Talk To Me” is at No 3 ( as of 28th August).Another single from last year has become a line-dance favourite “Turn To Stone”. These 3 singles are included on her new 10 track CD, her first full length album, on Pacific. Her sound is guitar-based country polished and modern, as good as any from today’s Nashville sounding hits. There’s fiddle, mandolin, dobro, harmonica and slide guitar included and Lynne’s voice is never overshadowed. Her distinctive voice is appealing on the up-tempo songs and even more appealing on the slow smouldering ballads. The piano-keyboard player Al Rodgers produced and mixed the CD which was recorded in Vancouver and completed in June this year. Lynne writes one song herself and co-writes another 3.On a recent radio tour in the UK Lynne visited Scotland and promises to return here with her band and her distinctive country sound. (10 songs run 39 minutes)
Contact..[email protected]
OTHER TRACKS:-Soft place-Why be blue-Make it on my own-Lies-Silence says it all-Sometimes in my dreams-The doctor.

Amy and Julie Mickey are identical twins, who write great songs and sing outstanding harmonies. They burst on the European scene with the release of their first single “Smoke & Mirrors” which peaked on the Euro Charts at 5, a great achievement for a debut single. They co-write 5 of the 11 tracks here with Tom Rogers who also adds another song himself. Steve Fox writes another 2 while Jeff Hunter, Tony Colton, Joseph Hurka-Jeff Larsen write the last 3. The musicians are not named but the backing has a lovely acoustic feel, with a sparseness that leaves the voices plenty of room to sparkle . It is the voices that are the undoubted highlight on an great release. Standout tracks include “Smoke & Mirrors” “Dixie Wire”, “My Train” and “Still Haunts Me”. The music is a blend of country, a little folk, a little bluegrass and all the other elements associated with an acoustic Americana album. Great debut album for a duo that show great prospects for their future, guaranteed with music like this. Check out
OTHER TRACKS:-All I wanted was you-Before you’re home-My way again-Old Kentucky wind-I want to talk to you-Dry eyes-Rainman.

Chalk up another Hot Disc discovery with K.C. in April this year. His first single, the self-penned “Charley`s Boots” on the Euro Charts made No 6 ( a tribute to his hero Charley Pride) and his new single came out on the August Hot Disc “Beauty’s in the eye of the Beer holder”( a kind of Trashy Women spook).But this CDs not just about novelty songs, have a listen to him sing “1-800 I’m a fool”, or his own composition “Without A Doubt” or “Where are you now” both lovely ballads that his hero Charley Pride would be proud of. The songs were recorded in 2 studios with 2 different sets of musicians, backup singers and producers, 4 songs in one and 8 in the other. Jennifer O’Brien guests on the duet “The Leaving Shelf” another self penned soulful tear-jerker. K.C. sounds a little like his hero but then that’s not a complaint, more a compliment. Lovely production and musicianship and a great debut deserving loads of exposure.
OTHER TRACKS:- Basic love - So far - Turn for the worse - A long hard look at forever - Without you (I’m just an ordinary man)-Honky Tonk Flu .

Here’s a solid Texas recording of covers, unashamedly country with piano, steel, lead, rhythm and bass guitar and drums. Four of the songs appear to come from earlier recordings, “I’m Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing” “I Saw the Light” “Honky Tonk Man” and “Tall Dark and Lonesome” and these have banjo and fiddle added. The Songs include Tommy Collins` Goodbye Come Hard for me”, Rusty Gabbard’s “Zackley Like You”, Bobby Spurlock`s “I’m the Man” and Bud Moore’s “Eleven Years ago” while another two Hank Williams` classics “Mother Is Gone” and “My Heart Would Know” complete the 10 tracks. There’s praise on the sleeve from James O’Gwynne and others and praise should also be given to David Zettner who co produces and plays all the guitars. Nice collection of some songs we don’t hear too often now but should and this CD rectifies that problem. Contact via e-mail to BSW Records at their NEW e-mail address [email protected]