Hello again, and welcome to this month's reviews. Here's another collection of current releases that you will hopefully seek out for your listening pleasure and addition to your collection. I've got some re-issues from Hawkshaw Hawkins, Ferlin Husky and Charlie Louvin, new material from John Prine, Kim Carnes, new Bluegrass Lou Reid & Carolina and the Boohers, and nostalgia from the Tennessee Three, and Swing King Ray Pennington. Hopefully one or two more will be included if I can squeeze them in. Kicking off this month with. "One of the most outstanding country and easy listening albums of the year!".

"One of the most outstanding country and easy listening albums of the year!", yes it bears repeating and you can quote me on this one. I've always been a fan of Howard & David and have never understood why they haven't got the nod for the CMA Duo Award despite having been nominated on numerous occasions. This is probably the highlight of their career on record, as they take 12 of their best known songs and re-record them with a host of stars, and I do mean BIG stars, Alan Jackson, Montgomery Gentry, Hal Ketchum & Lisa Brokop, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Tanya Tucker & David Allan Coe, Charlie Daniels & Bobby Bare, John Anderson, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen & Rhonda Vincent and newcomers Pat Green and Trini Triggs. Any one of these stars could have had a hit with any of the songs here and still could. Who better to guest on "Beautiful body" than Dolly, while George Jones singing "Sugar Daddy", Willie flying on "Guardian Angel", Alan Jackson on "You ain't just whistling Dixie", Bare & Daniels on "Kids of the Baby Boom" and fellow Floridian John Anderson on "Alligator Alley" all nothing short of inspirational. Ever think you'd hear D.A.C rappin' on "Reggae Cowboy" along with Tanya. David Bellamy writes 11 of the 12 songs( "Crazy from the Heart" with Don Schlitz while Larry Williams wrote "Let your love flow"). Keith Stegall produces "Dixie" with his own team of session players just like an Alan Jackson album, while Howard and David produce the remainder of the album, using their own road band with additional musicians. Its steel guitar country with fiddle added on 2 songs, and with Herb Pedersen & Chris Hillman adding vocal, banjo dobro and mandolin on "Crazy from the heart" along with Rhonda Vincent. The Bellamy's have lost none of their vocal quality and despite singing these songs for years lack none of their enthusiasm on record. I'm sure this will be one of the best selling albums of the year appealing to everyone from the early 80's to this new generation who I'm sure will enjoy the songs in this great setting. Can't wait for Volume 2. www.bellamybrothers.com for merchandise
OTHER SONGS:-Old Hippie (Montgomery Gentry)-Redneck Girl (Pat Green)-Dancin'Cowboys (Trini Triggs)

It's been nine years since John Prine, that Grammy Award winning singer songwriter, recorded an album. This one marks his debut as a record producer , a job he shares with engineer Gary Paczoza, and also marks the return of John the songwriter, who gave us such great songs in the past. This is another collection of great songs written by John, some with co-writers, 2 with Roger Cook, 3 with Pat Mc Laughlin, one each with Keith Sykes and Donnie Fritts and 5 from his own pen. He includes the A. P. Carter song "Bear Creek Blues" and the Blaze Foley song "Clay Pigeons" making 14 songs in all. The musical backing is not in your face like some of today's recordings but a laid back sound that lets the words of the song and John's vocal shine. The core musicians on the album are John on acoustic guitar, Paul Griffen drums, Dave Jacques bass, Jason Wilber lead guitar and harmonica, Phil Parlapiano accordion, piano, and organ. Pat McLaughlin plays mandolin, and guitars and sings harmony on 6 tracks. Guests Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski sing harmony, Jerry Douglas plays weissenborn, Shawn Camp lead and acoustic guitars, Dan Dugmore plays steel on 3 songs, Kenny Malone on percussion, and Mindy Smith sings harmony on "Long Monday". The song "Other Side of Town" was recorded at the Ryman Auditorium Nashville last October just John singing with acoustic guitar. John Booth plays mandolin along with John on acoustic on the funny narration "Safety Joe" which closes the CD. The songs range from the sorrowful to the hilarious, political comment and nonsense, love and laughter all done in John own style, somewhere between serious and tongue in cheek. His voice has been changed by his successful fight against neck cancer but the comfortable growl in his voice is enjoyable like Cash or Kristofferson on good days. I particularly enjoyed "Glory of True Love", "Crazy as a Loon" and "Other side of Town". Welcome back John Prine, still in top form. www.ohboy.com or www.johnprine.net for more details.

OTHER SONGS:--Taking A Walk - Some Humans Ain't Human -My darlin' hometown - Morning Train-The moon is down-She Is My Everything - I Hate It When That Happens To Me

Mum & Dad, Lora & Gary Booher, ( guitars banjo and vocals) plus their two sons, Joseph & Jamey (mandolin and bass plus vocals) are the Boohers Family Band and on their first album for Lonesome Day Records, they add Troy Engle on fiddle ( Troy also engineers the sessions) and Ron Block on guitar. They recorded and produced this 12 track CD at Tom T Hall's Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, and include 4 songs written by Tom and wife Dixie, "Grandma's Song" "Sometimes The Good News is Bad" "A Beautiful Home" and "Joe" proving yet again that Tom has lost none of his storytelling talents. Guitarist Ron Block writes "In the Shadow of Your Wings" and plays a blistering acoustic guitar solo on "Linville Train" which is an instrumental written by Gary, who also writes "Moon on the River" and co-writes "Home with the One I Love" with Joseph. They pay tribute to the past with A. P. Carter's "Bury Me Beneath The Willow", which includes some lovely harmonies. The Becky Buller song "So It Goes", "Bluer Than Blue" written by Lorraine Jordan & Mickey Tripp and Mark Brinkman's "Hobo's Lament" make up the 12 songs. The total of all this talent is gathered together and mixed and mastered by Randy Kohrs and Mike Letteral. The family share the lead vocals on the songs across the album and harmonise when required. Their musicianship, harmonies and choice of material is all first class, and "Sometimes the Good news is bad", "Hobo's Lament " and "Moon on the River" are just 3 personal highlights from a great debut album. You could check out their web pages at www.thebooherfamily.com or the record company web site www.lonesomeday.com for more details and how to get your copy. You won't be disappointed. I'll leave the final word with Dixie Hall "In summary, we think the Boohers are very fine bluegrass family entertainment-the real family deal who have "Grandma's Songs" well on it's way to becoming a parking lot standard. Nice going gang, don't ever change. We love you." Dixie Hall .

Ray Pennington and his Swing Shift Band must be the modern day "Kings of Western Swing" and Ray's colourful career has included hits records as a singer, ( with Ramblin Man-1967), as a songwriter (Three Hearts in a Tangle by Roy Drusky in 1961) as a record producer (Ramblin Man by Waylon Jennings ) and "One of the most outstanding albums of the year!" and you can quote me on this one. I've always been a fan of Howard & David and have never understood why the CMA have never given them the Duo Award despite having been nominated on numerous occasions. countless other accolades over the years, with a host of record labels major & independent. While with Step One Records in Nashville from 1984 he formed the "SWING SHIFT BAND" with steel player Buddy Emmons and other notable studio super-pickers and recorded a collection of swing albums second to none. The 12 songs from this CD are all taken from the Step One days and repackaged for this CD "Let's Swing" and it could have easily been titled "The Best Of". All the songs are written by Ray, including one co-write each with daughter Sharon, Dave Kirby and David Smith. The musicianship is faultless and while the musicians are not named, this is probably due to the numerous personnel used over the recordings over the years. Buddy Emmons is unmistakable on steel guitar, and Ray's smooth vocal is very similar to Ray Price in style, tone and phrasing at times and as far as I'm concerned I couldn't pay him a better compliment. Great collection of Swing and ballads alternating across the CD with outstanding production throughout. One for your collection. Their web sites at www.countrycountry.com. and www.bswrecords.com have more details. (NB. For comparison you should also listen to Gene Watson's version of these 4 songs ** written & produced by Ray on Gene's CD The Good Ole Days on Step One Records from 1996). SONGS:- Turn me loose and let me swing -The memories that last-The next best thing-Five fingers-Where I'm concerned**- So many ways to say goodbye - Nothing's changed , nothing's new - No goodbyes**-The good ole days are right now**-You pushed me to the limit**-One away from one too many-My weakness is too strong.

This is the latest album from singer-songwriter Kim Carnes and features 2 new songs from Kim plus 10 new co-writes with Kim Richey, Matraca Berg, Chuck Prophet, Mark Jordan, Angelo, Greg Barnhill, Anders Osborne, John Goodwin, Billy Panda & Gary Harrison. The musicians include Kim & Tim Lauer on keyboards, Richard Bennett & Tom Bukovac on Guitar, Angelo-Guitar/Vocals, Chuck Prophet Vocals, Guitar and drums, Jeff Hanna Slide Guitar, Billy Panda Guitars & Vocals, Anders Osborne-Guitar, Vocals and Drums, Greg Morrow, Craig Krampf and Tommy Harden on Drums, Jeffrey Steele, Byron House, Tommy Harden & Allison Prestwood play bass guitar, Dave Ellingson Percussion, Tammy Rogers-King Viola/Violin, John Catchings Cello, Gary Burnette accordion, with Jeffrey Steele, Al Anderson, Kim Richey, Matraca Berg & Greg Barnhill as guest vocalists. Kim has penned three number one country songs, including "The Heart Won't Lie", a duet for Reba Mc Entire and Vince Gill plus "Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer" a duet she did with Kenny Rogers and "Make No Mistake She's Mine", a duet by Kenny Rogers and Ronnie Milsap. Her songs have been recorded by a host of country stars including Deana Carter, Kevin Sharp, Sawyer Brown, Suzy Bogguss, Lila McCann, Pam Tillis, Tanya Tucker and Michelle Wright and she wrote "You Don't Love Me Anymore", on Tim McGraw's album "A Place In The Sun" and also added background vocals on four of the tracks on that album. This is not your steel guitar and fiddle country but a collection of outstanding songs, presented with bare backing at times, from an outstanding vocalist, who despite singing in Nashville since 1972, is still at the peak of her vocal ability. Her voice is memorable and modern, with the musicians at the edge of the "today sound" required in Nashville. Not all the songs are radio friendly but a hit single could draw attention to this great album. I'm sure some of the songs will be revisited by other vocalists in future recordings and they deserve consideration. "Still warmed by the thrill" "Too Far Gone" and "Just to see you smile" are favourite picks for me. www.kimcarnes.com or www.corazong.com are the web sites.

OTHER SONGS:-One beat at a time-Where is the boy-Goodnight angel-Lucid dreams-All about time-Runaway-You made my skin burn-If I was an angel-Stepped right in it.

Hawkshaw Hawkins died on 5th March, 1963 in the same plane crash that claimed the lives of Cowboy Copas and Patsy Cline, and is best remembered for his recording of the Justin Tubb song "Lonesome 7-7203". Show-casing his warm and engaging voice, it entered the country charts early in 63 but sadly he did not live to see his comeback record reach No 1. He began recording for King Records in 1948 after becoming a member of the Wheeling Jamboree. He had hits with Pan American, Cow Poke and Doghouse Boogie. Tall and good-looking, he had a smooth attractive voice and a honky tonk style that he remained faithful to for his 15 year recording career. In 1953 he switched from King to RCA Victor and its from that period that 18 songs on this CD are taken. The other 6 come from his early RCA recordings. He remained a popular member of the Grand Ole Opry, which he joined in 1955, and in 1960 he married Opry Member Jean Shepard. He left Columbia in 1962 and returned to King where he recorded "Lonesome 7-7203" above. The sound is Nashville Country as we knew it back then, (late 40s early 50's) and this is another trip down memory lane. Most of the songs have that broken-hearted-bitter-sweet-cheating-song flavour that was most popular back then. It is a pleasure to listen to these songs again, and with a certainty I can say that this country era will only ever be revisited on CD or maybe vinyl . You can order direct at Tel:- 01304 205000 or www.bacm.users.btopenworld.com . SONGS:-All because of my broken heart-Betty Lorraine-Between the lines-Heavenly road-I hope you're crying too-I can't tell my broken heart a lie - It's easy to remember-Jealous Fate-Life lost it's colour-You go your way I'll go mine-Memories always linger on-Nothing more to say-Picking sweethearts-If you but care-Two roads-Tangled heart-I wanna be hugged to death by you-I'll trade yours for mine-That mark around your finger-Time will come-Flashing lights-I'll never close my heart to you-When you say yes-One white rose.


Ferlin Husky was a "Star" in country music and one of the biggest names recording in the Hank Williams era. Around 1949 he recorded for Four Star Records under the name of Terry Preston (samples of this earlier work can be found on BACM CD No. 045). It wasn't long before he attracted Capitol Records, producers Lee Gillette and Ken Nelson put together some of the biggest country hits ever. He joined a bunch of unforgettable artists Buck Owens, Tommy Collins, Tex Ritter, Faron Young, Jean Shepard, Jimmy Wakely, Tex Williams etc., and a host of other stars . BACM have selected a 23 song collection of Ferlin's earlier Capitol recordings for you to enjoy here over 61 minutes. The early 1950s were a great time for Hillbilly and Country music. The strong backing from fiddle and steel guitar was featured on most recordings. Gone was the accordion and soft guitars, and in came the harsh raw sound Hank Williams was popularizing. It wasn't too long before the backing chorus and romantic voices in the Jim Reeves style became the "in thing".These songs come from 53 to 55 before Ferlin went to the pop charts with Gone and before his "Dear John" success with Jean Shepard. Jean duets on one song "Let's kiss and try again", and he performs as "Simon Crum" on "My Gallina" and "A Hillbilly's Deck of Cards". There's the classic "Hank's Song" and the answer to Kawliga "Minnie Ha Cha" both written by Tommy Collins. Its available direct by telephone at 01304 205000 or at www.bacm.users.btopenworld.com .

OTHER SONGS:-Get me off the fence-I'll never have you-I'll always speak well of you-I lost my heart today-You'll die a thousand deaths-How much are you mine-Walkin' & Hummin'- Somebody lied-Eli the Camel-Peter Weather Bird-King of a lonely castle-Very seldom frequently ever-I saw her today-Little Tom-Slow down brother-I'll baby sit with you-Dear Mr. Brown-She's always there when I come home.

Pinto Bennett, "The Idaho Cowboy", singer and songwriter, toured regularly in the UK with "THE FAMOUS MOTEL COWBOYS". His recording career spans over 3 decades, during which time he has secured a dedicated following for his unique, "off-the-wall" style of self-penned, and co-written songs, covering nearly every aspect of life "on-the-road". Writing with a wry irony evident throughout, his lyrics explore and touch upon areas others writers wouldn't care to or perhaps dare to venture. Sadly, "The Famous Motel Cowboys" are no longer but Pinto has involved himself in his latest "re- invention" under the guise of "TRIO PINTO", in a more rootsy acoustic format. Fronted by Pinto on vocals & guitar, alongside Brett Dewey (mandolin & vocals) and Bill Parsons (string bass), they give a new perspective and subtlety to Bennett's extensive catalogue of material. This 12 track CD is exactly that, the trio with no additions, basic guitar, bass and mandolin with vocals from Pinto and Brett who also sing harmony. Its all about the songs, all written by Pinto, 4 solo and 8 co-writes with a variety of writers. The opening title track "A Parallax View" had me looking up the dictionary to find parallax means."change in the observed position of a star" . and that could certainly sum up Pinto's position. "What's one memory (more or less)" and "Ballad of El Vasco (Devil's right hand)" are contrasting styles and the latter (with a great mandolin solo) is a super story song. "Blue Monday Blue" and "Heart of darkness" are dark lonely songs with a deep blues feeling. Hard to define the Cd, certainly not Country Rock like how it was with the Motel Cowboys, more a folky country slant on the well written songs.Its an enjoyable visit with Pinto, but not as he will be remembered by the large following he had some years back in the UK, unless he appeals to a new audience over here. His recent UK tour gave us a taste of what's to come and he is reaching out to convert his former audience and followers of old and also touching that new audience. web site at www.pintobennett.com

OTHER SONGS: Drowning in the shallows-A tiger is a tiger-Don't irk my quill-SDB-Upward Angel-China bird-Heart of darkness-Nothing in return.

This is another reissue, and a real cracker. If memory serves me well, this came out as "Makin Music" some years ago and while well received by press and radio alike, it was only available on import. Now with the onset of sales worldwide on the internet etc this could become a very profitable album for BSW and Charlie. There's 11 songs, four are solo songs by Charlie. He sings the Dickie Harris-Buddy Cannon song "Old Dreams", Johnny Russell's "Ain't you even gonna cry" and the Donny Kees-Alan Laney song "Precious Time" with great sincerity, all ballads with sweet chorus and gentle backing. David Chamberlain's "Memories Burning" is a great Trucker's road song. Overall this is really a collection of country highlights, and his "friends" stand out vocally alongside the veteran. The album opens with guest Waylon & Willie on "Makin' Music", then Crystal Gayle adds her vocal prowess duetting on "Just Beyond the Pain". Willie Nelson returns again with his distinctive voice and guitar on the ballad "This Darn Pen" (an Aaron Barker song) an outstanding leaving song. Charlie Daniels adds his vocal on the catchy "Are There Any Lonely Women Here Tonight" a great novelty item. "Back in Harmony" features Tanya Tucker sharing the vocal and the harmony with distinction. Waylon Jennings guests again on one verse, George Jones on another on a memorable Texas waltz "Country Boy's Dream". Charlie relives part of his earlier successful duet career with Melba Montgomery on "Takes Loves To Know Love" showing Melba is still an outstanding vocalist, on a great duet. This is a fine collection and a great find for BSW who must be delighted to have Waylon, Willie, George, Charlie Daniels, Crystal, Tanya and Melba all on one CD with the great Charlie Louvin. For the country fan who missed this first time round, this is the chance to add to your collection, and for all the other country music lovers this is a real collector's piece with great songs, great singers and great musicians (sadly not named on this version).The web sites at www.countrycountry.com. and www.bswrecords.com have more details. SONGS:-see above.

Here's another gem from BSW/Country Country from the Tennessee Three, a 10 track tribute to their former boss Johnny Cash.. This line-up features original member W. S. Holland on drums, who made 2 into 3 when he joined the Tennessee Two back in 1960. He was with Johnny both as drummer and road manager until 1997. The 2nd member here is Bob Wootten on lead guitar who joined Johnny after Luther Perkins died in 1967 and was with Johnny until the end. Dave Rorick adds upright bass guitar. The basic backing worked for Johnny Cash early in his career and this works too. The CD opens with "My baby, She walks all over me", Dave Rorick sings Carl Perkins "Everybody's trying to be my baby now", Bob sings his own song "Mad Dog 20/20 Vision and WS plays his "Drum Time" a drum solo. The remaining songs are all Cash classics, "Folsom Prison Blues" "I got Stripes" "I Walk the Line" " and "There you go" and "I still miss someone" is sung duet style by Bob with Scarlett Wootton. They add Rusty Russell on trumpet on "Ring of Fire" and Chuck Mead sings that song. This is a sincere tribute from those who knew and worked with him and as Bob Wootton on vocal sounds so like Johnny at times, you could believe that these are early recordings by the master. It's great to listen to and hear these songs again in this setting as some of the songs have been spoiled over the years by so many substandard recordings. The web sites at www.countrycountry.com and www.bswrecords.com have more details. SONGS:-see above. (NOTE..since this recording was made RAYBURN ANTHONY has now joined the Trio on bass guitar and vocals, and is pictured inside the sleeve. Singer - songwriter Rayburn is well known to many in the UK as he toured here and in Europe on numerous occasions over the years and will now continue to tour with the Trio).

Skyla is a new name to the European market, with an 11 track CD of all her own songs. This is her first album recorded in Nashville though not her first recording, as she released a CD in 2000 "All I want" which gave her three Indie Singles Chart successes. This one is by various producers at various sessions Ted Hewitt (2 songs), Bob Crispin (3 songs) and James Williams (5 songs). The musicians include Sonny Garrish, Mike Johnson and Tony Paoletta on steel guitars, Catherine Marx keyboard, Shawn Fichter drums, Michael Severs and John Foster guitars, Joe Spivey fiddle, John Foster and Shawn Fichter tambourine, Mike Chapman and Mark Prentice bass, with John Foster, Ted Hewitt, James Williams and Michael Williams background vocals. The album opens with a punchy modern feel with heavy guitars and loads of steel and fiddle on "You said You'd call me" and continues in that style through "Chuga Choo Choo" "He's a bad boy" and "Oh! What a day". All 11 songs are written by Skyla who says that some of them are from life, some not. She dedicates the ballad "If I were Rain" to the US troops in Iraq and the message of Christian peace is evident in this tender ballad. "You made me believe" is a broken affair love ballad while "In Paradise" is a mid tempo falling in love song. Good production and arrangements on the variety of songs and Skyla sings well, good delivery and she never stretches the vocal. On this outing I'd say that Skyla has a solid future and could score with the singles taken from this CD.Check out her website at www.skylaspencer.com

OTHER SONGS:-wild dreams- Why do you do this to me-One more chance-Reach for the stars.

This is the follow-up CD to 2004's popular debut, "Patriotic Country" and provides a multitude of dynamic patriotic songs from popular country artists. It serves the dual purpose of providing entertainment for the country music fan as well as raising awareness for the Armed Services YMCA, a charity supporting the families of junior enlisted military personnel. It features 17 popular, patriotic-themed songs from today's hottest stars and some Country legends and includes chart topping favourites. Alabama's "Down Home" and Darryl Worley's "Have You Forgotten," both made No1 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Buddy Jewell's "Sweet Southern Comfort" and Aaron Tippin's "You've Got to Stand for Something" have topped the Billboard Hot Country Chart. Chely Wright recently topped the charts with her song "The bumper of my CUV" while classic country contributes chart-toppers Willie Nelson's "Living in the Promiseland", Merle Haggard's Okie from Muskogee", Oak Ridge Boys with "American Made", Hank Jr. with "A country boy can survive", Billy Ray Cyrus with "Some gave all", and Johnny Cash with "Ragged Old Flag". The collection is rounded off with Elvis doing America The Beautiful from a "Live" recording. If you like the patriotic songs you'll love this one but while the idea for the collection may not be to your liking, you can't fault the singers or the songs. It deserves to be a big seller on the strength of the content alone and its good to get a themed collection of country songs once in a while. www.patrioticcountry2.com

OTHER SONGS:-Tracy Lawrence, If the world had a front porch - Montgomery Gentry, You do your thing - Darryl Worley, Have you forgotten-Lonestar, Somebody's someone - Phil Vassar, This is God - John Conlee, They also serve.

A good voice, good musicians, engineers, producer and songs to sing are probably the main ingredients for a good recording and this Cd has all of those items with talent to spare. Now I know little about G. Bush as the Cd came without any biographical information about him , but the Cd speaks for itself. There's 11 songs in the frame here, 4 co-writes by Kirk Roth with Wayne & Robert Kemp, Hank Cochran, Mike Brown and Kennie Robinson, which I assume are all new songs as I recognise the remaining 7 songs from previous recordings .Now the new songs stand up well beside the classics included and "The Leavin' End" is one of the best leaving songs I've heard in years, and would suit Gene Watson or George Strait to a tee. "Stranding Room Lonely" is another drinking-honky-tonk-missing-you song worthy of great exposure. The fiddle steel and piano arrangements along with his solid country voice makes for a great country listen. Jim Vest produces the album and plays steel with Tommy White also on steel, bass from Dave Rorick & Matt McGee, drums from Mark Backet and Mike Kennedy, piano from Walt Cunningham and Mike Shrimp, fiddle from David Russell and Denie Richardson, lead guitar from Bill Hellett and Kelly Back and Mike Baker plays acoustic. The covers remain faithful to the originals with small variations that enhance the version here, like a piano intro to "Cold Cold Heart". Other standards include "He stopped lovin' her today", "Always on my mind", "A Song For you", "I'm no stranger to the rain" and a solid version of the Hank Cochrane/Red Lane song "Affair" to close the CD. Great sound through-out, lovely arrangements and all together another quality package of country from BSW. More details from their web sites at www.countrycountry.com and www.bswrecords.com

OTHER SONGS:-Country Country( 'til I Die)-If I was a drinking man-Wild Life refuge.

This bluegrass band consists of Lou Reid on mandolin, guitar, lead & harmony vocals, Christy Reid on lead & harmony vocals, Kevin Richardson on lead & harmony vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, Joe Hannaback on bass and Trevor Watson plays banjo and sings harmony vocals and together they produce a great sound with crystal clear voices rising above the instruments and some great soaring harmonies and musicianship. They have a guest list of bluegrass pickers and singers 2nd to none, including Ricky Skaggs and Vince Gill on vocal on the title track "Time" which also includes Randy Kohrs on dobro and Ron Stewart on fiddle. Ron plays fiddle on 11 of the 13 tracks and also co-produces the Cd with Lou. Randy also guests on dobro on "Mist of memory" and on "Heart of Glass" and sings great high harmony on the Buck Owens classic given a fresh lease here. (James Mitchell plays high strung guitar, Harold Nixon acoustic bass and Chris Wood on snare drum also on "Heart of Glass"). Jerry Douglas guests on dobro on 2 songs, "My Whole world in his hands" and "Out of here" a real fast paced closer on the CD. There is a great mix of story songs from "My Dying Day" the story of a lady waiting for a casket in 1862, "Tennessee Backroads" is a song about the country boy leaving and returning home, "My Whole World (in his hands)" is a lovely song about Daddy giving his little girl away at the alter while Christy takes lead vocal on "Before you next tear hit's the ground". If you like bluegrass then this is a real treat, if not you could improve your musical knowledge and enjoyment by listening to this well produced and top quality recording of a bluegrass band that should be up there with the best. Check out www.loureidandcarolina.com for more details about the band & www.lonesomeday.com for Cds.& info.

OTHER SONGS:- Brighter Shade Of Blue -Forever Ain't No Trouble Now -The Mountain Way.