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Holiday time and once again we where lucky enough to be invited by Bill Lynn of 'Country Music & American Holidays' and 'Fraser Travel' to spend it at Fan Fair in Nashville and then move on to Branson in Missouri!
A big 'Thank you' goes to both of them!

It had been 2 years since the last visit and both Danny and I were very excited! Another reason for that also was that we would be visiting Butch & Jean, who have now been telling us in the Magazine about their Nashville for 2 years! They had made it to Scotland, but this would be our first visit to them in Hendersonville/Nashville by Old Hickory Lake!

Butch & DannyAfter the long journey from Glasgow to Amsterdam to Detroit and then to Nashville we finally met up with Butch & Jean (no sense hiding, Butch, we knew you were there!). It was about an hour's ride from the airport to their house and we could hardly wait! We had heard so much about it, seen the pictures, and now it finally was the time to see it for ourselves!

Butch's houseWhen we arrived there, all I can say is: "Wow!" We were greeted by the most beautiful big old house, just by the lake. The beer was on ice, the vodka/orange in the fridge - what more can a body ask!

We spent 5 brilliant days with them, we saw bits of Nashville you don't read about in the brochures, and the stories both Butch 'n Jean can tell about their life in the Music scene would make great reading in a book! (Now there's a thought you two!)

They took us to see the big star's houses, we saw Garth Brook's gateway, we saw where Johnny Cash lives (I swear we saw him enjoying the sunshine on his patio by the pool!), he also has a gatehouse with armed guards. (We never saw them mind you, it just says so on the poster, wouldn't like to put it to the test though!), we saw Mae Axton's house where she wrote 'Heartbreak Hotel' for Elvis Presley (the house is up for sale!), we saw Ferlin Huskey's home, also in Hendersonville, we saw where Mel Tillis used to live, we saw where Tracy Lawrence lives, we saw the vast area where Reba McEntyre lives and keeps her horses! Wow! We even saw the house where the tragic Keith Whitley died! We saw the famous first round-about in Nashville, it seems they have got used to it by now, at first nobody could get off it again!

Then we went round the graveyards to pay our respects to some of the greatest in Country Music: Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty, Marty Robbins, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Snow, Boudleaux Bryant, Keith Whitley and many more! We felt quite humble to stand at the last resting place of all these Country Music greats, who all had so much influence on the Country Music scene today!

After 5 restful days we moved on to Downtown Nashville -ready for Fan Fair!

it's a bike Danny !!!
Honest they were only chatting to Danny

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