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I'm a bit late to wish you all a Happy New Year, but I hope you all had a good one. I had 3 weeks off at Christmas time, the longest break ever since starting teaching. I must admit it was good to get back to classes again. If only to stop me eating chocolates and drinking wine every night. Does nothing for the waistline.

Anyway its back to keeping up to date with the dances and the social scene again. I didn't teach anything new the first few weeks because we had done some great dances before Christmas. I recapped everything I had taught in December, because like myself a few others had forgotten them. We are into March now and I am still doing a 1 wall walk over of the dances from December which is a good sign. Keep the dances on the floor as long as we can, that's my motto. Some of the dances I have taught this year are Kiss My A**, a great dance , Brand New Girlfriend, Here I am, Blackberry Boogie, Drinks For 2, Baby don't let me go , and many more. If you would like a copy of any of these dances I have mentioned, or any other dance sheets, please email me.

I am sure most of you will be planning what festivals to attend this year and get your diary up to date. I certainly will. I intend to travel to more this year if I can, its very difficult to juggle around family and teaching to sometimes do this, but I certainly will try. This is what makes the magazine so very important. It's a must to advertise festivals or any club events. Apart from letting us all see in advance what is on, and plan our diaries, it means that more people will come to your events. No organiser can expect people to turn up to any event if it hasn't been advertised. I know some clubs only advertise through word of mouth, which is fine if it works for you, and good luck to you.

My first social dance of the year was on Saturday the 27th Jan with ''Little Rock'' . We all had a very good night, thank you everyone for your support. The St Valentines weekend at the Royal Jubilee Hotel at Kirrimuir went very well. Thank you everyone who attended that weekend.

Little Rock and The Diesel Cowboys kept us entertained on the Friday and Saturday night, thank you very much guys. Tina and Roz kept the dancers happy on the Saturday afternoon with teaching and DJ'ing. Thank you ladies. The rooms for 2007 have sold out for Kirrimuir. The bands will be Brushwood and Sunset Trio. I will be adding another weekend to The Royal Jubilee Hotel in 2007 around September time, more information later. Also coming to The Royal Jubilee Hotel in September 2007 will be John Permenter and Little Rock.

Sadly due to bad weather I had to cancel Philomena Begley in Culter,Aberdeen. I sincerely hope she will be back with us very soon . I have been asked to promote Hal Ketchum again in 2007, which I will be delighted to do, so look out for dates coming soon.

My yearly festival will be here soon, Saturday the 24th June. This years acts are Pat Stott as choreographer and Magill and Chris Mezza . Book your table now.

All I can say is keep on dancing or listening to some of our wonderful musicians out there. Support the live acts as much as you can, or we will not have any to listen and dance to shortly. All I have heard lately is about bands breaking up for some reason or another. Please give them your support, visit your local clubs and travel to festivals.

Till next time,

Tried and tested floor splits..
101 / California Freeze /Shamrock shake to music "Tell me Ma"
Flobie Slide /Lady Cha/too " to Come dance with me"
Thank you for that Liz.
Aint Going down / Clickacty Clack music "Aint Going Down" Garth Brooks
World of blue / Shakatac to Shakatac music
Walking the line/101 to music Raining Men

Keep sending in your e-mails, I love to hear from you, any gripe? Lets air them!

Clarkias Crazy Kickers Get-in-Line... Yvonne Anderson's Top 10
1. All Day Long
2. Under Your Spell
3. X-Rated
4. El Rio Amor
5. Better Life
6. Music Is The Key
7. Party 4 2
8. Going All The Way
9. Sky Love Blue
10. Dream On

1. Suds in the Bucket
2. Don't make me laugh
3. All day log
4. The Long and the Short of it
5. Millar Magic
6. Slowburn
7. Misty
8. The Writing on the four walls
9. Show me the way to Amarillo
10. Just Wright

1. Shake Yourself Loose
2. Motown Miracle
3. El Rio Amor
4. Show Me The Way To Amarillo
5. Under Your Spell
6. Every Cotton Pickin Morning
7. Green Snakes
8. Shiv-a-ree
9. Miller Magic
10. Out Of Bounds

The Kingdom Kickers JTs Disco 'n Dance from Irvine/Ayrshire  

1. All Day Long
2. X-Rated
3. Under Your Spell
4. The Long And The Short Of It
5. Celeste
6. Ready To Fly
7. The Way
8. Tik Tok Too
9. Shiv-A-Ree
10. Mars Attack


Till next time, enjoy your dancing!
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