Light of My Life
Choreographer: Pat Stott (July 2008)  [email protected]
Music: Light of My Life by The Boots Band (available from itunes) 
64 count, 4 wall intermediate with one restart commence dance after 32 beats (15 seconds)

Cross, rock, chasse to right, cross, rock, chasse with ¼ turn left
1­2   Cross right over left, recover on left
3&4 Step right to right, close left to right, step right to right
5–6  Cross left over right, recover on right
7&8  Step left to left, close right to left, turn ¼ to left stepping forward on left

Step forward and  ½ turning strut, rock back, recover, 2  walks, shuffle forward
1-2  Step forward on right toe,  turn ½ turn left and lower right heel
3-4  Rock back on left, recover forward on right
5-6  walk forward on left, walk forward on right
(or full turn right – ½ turn right stepping back on left, ½ turn right stepping fwd on right
7- 8 Shuffle forward – left, right, left
**** Restart here during 3rd sequence

Rock forward, recover, full triple right, rock forward, recover, half shuffle turning left
1 – 2 Rock forward on right, recover back to left
3 & 4 turning full turn right step – right left right
5 – 6 rock forward on left, recover onto right
7 & 8 shuffle turning ½ left stepping – left, right, left

Point right, step forward, point left, step forward, point right, ½ Monterey right, point left to left, ½ Monterey left
1 – 2 Point right to right, step forward on right 3 – 4 Point left to left, step forward on left 5 – 6 Point right to right, turn ½ right closing right to left 7 – 8 Point left to left, turn ½ left closing left to right

Point right to right, hold, close, point left to left, hold, jazz box with ¼ turn left
1-2 Point right to right, hold
3-4  Close, point left to left, hold
5-8  Cross left over right, step back on right, turn ¼ left stepping left to left, cross right over left

Side rock, cross shuffle, side, rock, cross shuffle
1 – 2 Rock left to left, recover
3 & 4 Cross left over right, right to right, cross left over right
5 – 6 Rock right to right, recover
7 & 8 Cross right over left, left to left, cross right over left

Step left to left, hold & snap, close, step left to left, hold & snap, close, ¼ turn left, step forward, ½ pivot, step forward
1 – 2  Step left to left, hold and snap fingers, close right to left
3 – 4  Step left to left, hold and snap fingers, close right to left
5 – 8  Turn ¼ left and step forward on left, step forward on right ½ pivot left, step forward on right

Rock forward, recover, ½ shuffle left, step right to right swaying hips to right, left, right, left
1- 2 Rock forward on left, recover on right
3- 4 ½ shuffle turning left – left, right, left
5-6 Step right to right swaying hips to right, sway hips to left
7-8 Sway hips right, sway hips left