Blue Moon Shuffle Diana Dawson 4- wall Line dance –
Improver level 32-counts
Blue Moon Nights by John Fogerty   108bpm
CD: Blue Moon Swamp,  start on vocals
Crystal Chandeliers Adrian Churm 64 count 4 wall easy intermediat Crystal Chandeliers by John Dean
Today I Started Loving You Again Jeanette Robson, Enid Dunbar, Allan Stephenson, Mena Scott   ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’ by John DeanAlbum One For The Road (16 Count Intro)
Bologna Audrey Watson (Scotland) 64 Count – 4 Wall
Easy Intermediate Dance
I still like Balogna by Alan Jackson from Good Time CD
16 Count Intro
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms Diana Dawson 4-wall 64 count  CW direction, Intermediate Line Dance Boxcar Willie (138bpm )
CD: Trucker’s  Greatest Hits
Cowboy Madness Diana Dawson  4-wall easy intermediate line dance 48 counts, CCW direction ‘Mad Cowboy Disease’ by John Michael Montgomery (107bpm) 32 count intro, start on vocals
Light of My Life Pat Stott 64 count, 4 wall intermediate Light of My Life by The Boots Band (available from itunes) 
Walk Back To Me Peter Metalnick,Alison Biggs 64 count 2 Wall Where You Gonna Go - Toby Keith
Be Strong Audrey Watson 32 count 4 wall. beginner/intermediate The words 'I Love You ' Chris DeBurgh
Harmony Man Mel Fisher 64 count 1 wall Harmony Man - Billy Yates
Forever Blue Audrey Watson 64 count 4 wall

Forever Blue-Mavericks


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