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Silver Spur CWC (****)
St. Brendan's Social Club

Stirling Drive

Patsy 01389 756507
June 11th Diesel Cowboys
June 18th Boots 'n Saddles
June 25th Western Rhythm
July 2nd Baton Rouge
July 9th Arizona Flame
July 16th Tumbleweed
July 23rd Texas Gun
July 30th Cadillac
Aug 6th Rick McKay Band
Aug 13th Westlake
Aug 20th Longriders
Aug 27th Sunset Trio

Colorado CMC (***)
Bowling Club

Harburn Rd.

West Calder
Janette 01506 872631

June 11th Springfield
June 18th Rambling Fever
June 25th Colt 45
July 2nd Mike Ryan Sound
July 9th Jolene & Barry
July 16th Western Rhythm
July 23rd Stateline
July 30th Boots n' Saddles

Lazee 'L' CWC (***)
Linwood Welfare Soc. Club

Napier St.

Susan 01505 326373
June 11th Boots 'n Saddles
June 25th Toe the Line
July 9th No Regerets
July 23rd Western Rhythm
Aug 6th Mike Ryan Sound
Aug 20th Routr 65

Old 97 CWC (***)
Masonic Carter Club

Forth Ave

Raymond -01592 262838
June 11th Disco
June 18th Tumbleweed
June 25th Disco
July 2nd Ernie Whiteoak
July 9th Disco
July 16th Steve James Band
July 23rd Disco
July 30th (tickets) Diesel Cowboys
Aug 6th Disco
Aug 13th Greyhound Express
Aug 20th Jolene & Barry
Aug 27th Western Rhythm

Double 'K' CMC
Embassy Hotel

Jim 01387 267451

June 18th Western Rhythm`
July 16th John Aston
Keith Manifold
Aug 20th Country Company

Montana CWC (***)
Masonic Club



01698 829960

June 18th Stateline
July 3rd Springfield
July 16th Diesel Cowboys
July 30th Frank Welshman
Aug 13th Speed Limit
Aug 27th Stateline

Silver Dollar CMC (***)
Thorterdyke Roid House

Rosebank Road

Jim 01450 375866
June 11th Route 65
June 25th Stuart McClean
July 9th Frank Welshman
July 23rd Country Mix
Aug 13th Nebraska
Aug 27th Andrew Harvey Duo

Country Nights
The New Inn

Market Street

Ken 01224 698044
June 11th John Hogan
June 18th T R Dallas
June 25th Paddy O'Brien
July 2nd Louise Morrissey
July 9th Larry Cunningham
July 16th Farmer Dan
July 23rd Dennis Murray Sound
July 30th Trudi Lalor
Nairn CMC (**)
Millford Hotel

Mill Road 

01667 453941
The No.1 Club (**)
78 High Street

Bud Elder 0141 5646718
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