Alan McCulloch
If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It)

Producer Geoff Betsworth

1. It's All Because Of You

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2. If It Aint Broke ( Don't Fix It)

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3. One Day Soon


4. When The Angels Sing


5. I Met You

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6. Are You Ready

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7. I Still Love You


8. Give A Guy A Break


9. So Long


10 If Life Is A Song

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I Met You

I knew as soon as I looked at you
I guess you felt the same way too
I wanna know
Where you have been all my life

I've been searching for a soulmate
All I found was hearbreak
A change of luck was due
Then I met You

You know I'll never let you go
You're my world, haven't I told you so?
You're by far
The best thing that's happened to me


You can call me a lucky man
I'll agree that's what I am
But that weren't always true
Till I met you, I met you

If Life is a Song

If life is a song
Are you singing today?
Are you chasing a rainbow?
Still stuck in the grey?
When God is listening
Have you something to say?
If life is a song
Are you singing today?

Dance, dance, dance
The whole world's a stage
Step out of your cage
Make a difference somehow
Before you take a bow.

Dream, dream, dream
See how far
You must follow the star
But before you begin
Please look within.

All Lyrics (c) Alan McCulloch

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